At Cohesion Clinical Psychology, we specialise in individual counselling for adults who are not living the life they want to live. We can help if you lack confidence, worry what others think and are hard on yourself. Perhaps you feel shame or guilt for not having everything in your life under control. Privately, you may be struggling with thoughts of self-doubt and fears about what the future holds. You desperately want to be a “better” person, to regain the life you once had or to fulfill your long-held dreams but you don’t know where to start.

We understand that sometimes clients are scared or reluctant to ask for help, particularly when they think they “shouldn’t” feel, think or act in a certain way. We know that deep down you want to feel better and not be a burden to anyone. But we believe that individuals do better when they stick together (rather than suffer in silence). Feeling connected to others and having healthy relationships is protective. That’s why we strive for strong cohesion in every aspect of our work and we value the role of compassion and connection in the therapeutic relationship. We aim to help you tell your story, empower you to take action and to make a difference to your life and to those you care about.

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Counselling and Assessment

We offer a range of clinical and counselling services
for individuals.

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We have been approved by the Board to provide
supervision to psychologists and provisional psychologists.

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It is estimated that 1 in 5
Australians aged 16-85 experience a
mental health condition
in a given year.

Almost half of all Australians
will experience a mental illness
at some point in their lives.

More than half of those with a
mental illness do not seek any treatment.